Hip Hop Media Completely Misquotes Kanye… Making It Slander

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Kanye has said a lot of controversial things over the course of his career. You’d think that this would make it easy for journalist and meme creators of the hip hop media to just attack his points, when he says it. But due to his recent political shift, they’ve been out for blood and are so fixated on destroying him that they are willing to be dishonest in the process.

Complex may have just been fishing for clicks but this is still irresponsible. Recently at a forum Kanye spoke about the human mind. But instead of grabbing the full context, they just misquoted him all together. So there was removed context AND misquoting, just to make him look as crazy as possible.

This is why it’s hard to limit dishonesty to just “mainstream media” there are others that also participate in this. Hip Hop media obviously media obviously has made a decision to attempt to destroy Kanye, but it’s less about that and more about being honest.

I personally believe we owe that to everybody, especially the ones we disagree with. It costs nothing to properly address someone’s position.

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Author: YoungRippa59