Ben Shapiro Used to Push Back Against Legal Immigration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

[email protected] ATTACKS America First patriots as “Alt Right” for asking why their conservative leaders refuse to take a stand against demographic change and mass legal immigration destroying the country, but sat down w/ @AnnCoulter and recognized their same concerns!
— american nationalist (@NationalistTV) November 9, 2019

Just so everyone understands, Ben Shapiro used to push back against legal immigration.
He was simply a massive pro-Israel lunatic. Basically, he agreed with normal Republicans on everything else.
What happened was, he was put in charge of a media agenda, backed by big donors, that was aggressively pro-Israel but also aggressively pro-immigration. He just changed his position, because he doesn’t care about anything other than supporting Israel, and every other thing he says is just part of a plot to trick the goyim into supporting Israel.

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Author: DissentWatch