Most Americans say Trump is not honest and trustworthy: Poll

There is broad public concern in the United States about President Donald Trump’s leadership, and the Republican leader still trails behind all the leading Democratic presidential candidates, according to a new survey.

Some 58 percent of US voters disapprove of Trump’s overall job performance and 66 percent say he’s acted unpresidentially since taking office, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has found.

The survey also showed that 54 percent say Trump’s policies have made the United States less respected globally.

Moreover, 60 percent of Americans surveyed said he’s not honest and trustworthy, lacks the kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively and doesn’t understand their problems.

He’s the first US president in modern polling never to have achieved majority approval, with the lowest average approval rating on record, according to ABC News.

The Post-ABC poll shows that Trump trails by sizable margins against top Democratic contenders, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Kamala Harris.

Biden and Sanders both lead Trump by 17 percentage points, while Warren is ahead by 12 points.

An NBC News/Wall Street survey released last week found that half of Americans support Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.

Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry in September after a whistleblower alleged the Republican president pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Biden.

House Democrats say Trump has abused his office for personal gain and jeopardized national security by asking  Zelenskiy to investigate Biden and his son, Hunter, who had served as a director for Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Trump has lashed out at Democrats for leading the impeachment inquiry that now threatens his presidency.

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Author: DissentWatch