Kansas man hits bass with his truck in fishy roadkill accident

It may be the first roadkill with gills.

William Meyers thought he’d avoided a mess when a bird bumped into the front of his Ford F-150 as it took off from the side of highway 281 outside Hardtner, Kan., then flew over the roof and away apparently unharmed.

But when he got home, he discovered his fine feathered friend had left him a present.

There, sticking out of the grille of his truck was the back end of a foot-long bass that the bird must’ve been carrying home for dinner.

Meyers told KWCH that folks look at him like they think he’s lying when he tells the story, but he took pictures of the fish in the cracked grille before he removed it.

That would be the third grille he’s had on the truck because this isn’t the first animal he’s run into, just the smallest.

The other two were damaged by deer.


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Author: FOX News