S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 291 | Russian Asset

Russia, Russia, Russia!

I can’t believe we’re still doing this.

There’s plenty to criticize Tulsi Gabbard for: she’s pro-abortion, pro-welfare, and pro-mass migration. That’s not what upsets the internationalists, though.

They say she’s being groomed by the Russians because she criticizes war, and that’s enough to get you unpersoned by the permanent Washington establishment. Just look how they treated Ron Paul. Look how they treat Trump whenever he tries to bring the troops home.

Washington elites won’t let our troops protect our borders, but they’re ready to force them to lay their lives on the line defending Syria’s.

Really makes you think.

This is EPISODE 291 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

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Author: DissentWatch