President Trump Welcomed Italian President Mattarella Amid Turkey-Syria Tensions

▶️ President Donald Trump welcomed Italian President Sergio Mattarella to the White House, Wednesday, October 16.

👉 The leaders were expected to discuss trade, digital taxes and countering Chinese trade practices they consider unfair during their meeting.

White House officials declined to say whether Trump and Mattarella would discuss Turkey.

But as they sat in the Oval Office together, Trump declared to reporters that the Turkish invasion of northeast Syria is “not our problem.

Trump added it is fine for Russia to help and he declared that the Kurds – defending their territory inside Syria against the Turkish military – are “not angels.”

Trump has been facing severe bipartisan criticism for having U.S. forces stand aside as the Turks moved into northeast Syria last week to attack the Kurds, who were allies of the United States in the campaign against Islamic State.

Imposing sanctions on Turkey is preferable to having U.S. military personnel in the region involved in the fighting, Trump told reporters, as a high level U.S. delegation heads to Turkey press for a halt to Ankara’s invasion of northeast Syria.

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Author: VOA News