Steve Harvey Says Trump Wants SLAVERY Back! But WHY?!

Steve Harvey recently attacked conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams for his support of the president during a speech at the White House during Turning Point USA’s Black Leadership Summit. Harvey alluded to Williams being too young to understand Trump’s personality. He also alluded to Trump being a racist who “is trying to bring slavery back.”

All of what Harvey mentioned seems to go against his own prior support of the President, even if it were in way of respecting the Presidency and not necessarily the President himself. He appeared at Trump Tower and took pictures with Trump among other celebrities.

Why do that, and later vehemently defend your position while attacking those who attacked you, to then later come out and attack the President? Maybe Mr. Harvey could not take the pressure of being seen as a conservative Trump supporter so he decided to use Terrence Williams as a way to escape that label.

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Listen to this OUTRAGEOUS CLIP. Before Steve went after me for supporting Trump he said President Trump is trying to bring slavery back!

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan