EXCLUSIVE: #PlannedParenthoodSellsBabyParts Civil Case Reveals an Agenda of Pure Evil

Daleiden image courtesy of the Thomas More Society. Planned Parenthood sourced from Wikipedia. Fetal image by lunar caustic.

The small glass you have may not accommodate all the information I’m about to reveal about the ongoing Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal. But dang it if I’m not going to try to give you the crucial details of the civil case of The People of the State of California vs. David Daleidon and Sandra Merrit. If you’re staring at the computer and are suffering a temporary case of selective mutism wondering what the heck this case even is, below is a brief rundown followed by relevant links.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt went undercover at various Planned Parenthoods and met with Planned Parenthood staff (in addition to medical companies like StemExpress) to expose how Planned Parenthood manipulates abortion to procure baby parts, which they can then sell to medical companies for various experimentation.

In short, a horror show. In short, pure evil. This case isn’t about “choice” or “rights.” This entire case is about murder for cash, and objectifying and exploiting the unborn to line pockets with possibly millions of dollars.

David and Sandra’s videos #PlannedParenthoodSellsBabyParts went viral four years ago. Here are three stories from that time to catch you up:

The criminal case against David and Sandra is complete, both defendants were cleared of criminal charges. But now they’re in the civil case. I was contacted by Thomas Brejcha, the lead defense attorney from the Thomas More Society who is representing Sandra Merrit. He, like anyone with any kind of conscience, is aghast at the revelations made in both the criminal and civil case against David and Sandra. The pro-choice movement’s tentacles stretch far and have wrapped themselves around California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who has actually taken money from Planned Parenthood. It is Becerra who is leading the charge against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

Feel caught up? Good. Because the following from the case is disturbing. In short, Planned Parenthood and its defenders, like AG Xavier Becerra, who claim Daleiden and Merrit broke the law by going undercover because “therapeutic abortion” is legal.

Abortion. Therapeutic. I’m not making that up. From Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s closing argument on page 11 (PDF AG Closing Argument):

Defendant Daleiden also testified that he believed the recorded conversation with the El Dorado research company employees indicated that the company was creating an incentive for homicide of a fetus. However, aside from being another illogical contention, the defendants willfully misrepresent the law on homicide in California. California law is clear that therapeutic abortion is not homicide. (Pen. Code § 187, subd. (b).)5

Let that sink in for a second. California law is clear that therapeutic abortion is not homicide. 

From Thomas Brejcha in an email to me:

 “California law is clear that therapeutic abortion is not homicide.”  But that begs the question. And what is “therapeutic” about harvesting beating hearts from a live infant! Who is “cured” and from what ailment?

To me, this is the issue of most importance. Not only does California not recognize the life or even the right to life of unborn people (that’s not new at all), California covers, excuses and protects the act of abortion as “therapy.”

Attorney Brejcha is right, questions are begged here. Therapy for whom? The mother who’s had her child sucked out of her womb? The baby who is quite possibly born alive in order to procure baby parts for maximum dollar bang? What is the ailment we’re therapizing, exactly? And why must babies be delivered alive, to be killed later, in order for this procedure to be classified as “therapy”?

Hold those questions, and let’s return Brejcha’s assessment, again sent to me via email:

First, abortionist Forrest Smith testified that if Planned Parenthood and other abortionists were actually using abortion techniques described in the videos David and Sandra published online, then live births were inevitable.

The whole point of abortion, I thought, was to kill the baby while the baby was still inside the mother’s womb. Somehow, in the mangled, moralless world of pro-abortion advocates, so long as the human being is still in the womb, it’s not really a human being. Something about you not being able to see it without medical equipment makes it less of a person.

It’s a “blob of tissue” a “product of conception,” just a biological inconvenience to be removed for any reason whatsoever. So long as there’s a catchy hashtag and some hot pink signage, it’s a woman’s right to empowerment. Empowerment here is just a fancy word for being a selfish, murdering whore. Except for those women who don’t really want the abortion but is pressured into it by someone else. In that case, maybe just a feckless skank.

Okay fine. A cowardly shrew.

Listen, I’m just not that sympathetic to people who kill their babies for [reasons]. Especially when there’s no excuse for ignorance when information is just a few clicks away.

Brejcha additionally wrote:

Second, expert stem cell research scientist Theresa Deisher testified that based on her experience with stem cell research on hearts, it was not merely a sometime occurrence that such organs would be harvested while babies’ hearts were still beating but it was a scientific necessity as otherwise the organ would have no research value! Once in “contracture” the heart’s cells would no longer be capable of regenerative growth.

Abortion is already a horror. Hard stop. But now we’ve got what looks like babies being born alive then tortured so Planned Parenthood and others can further profit from those babies’ physical parts.

At what point do we, as a society, say this is a moral bridge too far? At what point can we all agree this entire business around the procurement of unborn children’s anatomy is the absolute most evil path humanity has ever taken?

The State of California is trying to claim a handful of individuals, who shone a light on these barbaric procedures, as ruthless lawbreakers who don’t understand the necessity of “therapeutic” legal abortion. Why? Because they shone a light on evil, exposed it to the world, churned a few stomachs, and were making headway to changing how the culture views abortion when the Goliath of Planned Parenthood swung its ax.

Therefore Merritt and Daleiden must be stopped at all costs. Which is exactly what this is.

We cannot let Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion left win this. We cannot let media ignore this case. We cannot allow people who call out evil to be sent to prison or sued out of existence for exposing evil to light. Share this story whenever you can. Spread it far. Spread it wide.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff