Residents of a community in Pittsburgh insist they’re still holding an annual Columbus Day parade after someone devised phony fliers claiming the event is canceled due to it being an “offensive holiday.”

While organizers have been preparing for the parade since June, a flier being distributed by an unknown social justice warrior posing as an official city entity claims to be a “last minute” cancellation notice.

“The parade has not been canceled,” one parade organizer told local media.

The phony flier states the community of “Bloomfifeld” (sic) was canceling the parade because Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus was a violent mass murderer.

“Columbus’ arrival to America caused the mass murder of Native American people,” the flier reads. “There are plenty of other ways to celebrate our wonderful Italian heritage and community. As a community we can talk more about Columbus being a violent person and how we can make our relationship better with Native American people.”

Residents say the parade is a way to celebrate their Italian heritage.

“We the Italian-American community. We use Christopher Columbus Day as a way to celebrate our traditions, our Italian-American heritage, so that’s the way we look at it,” one Bloomfield man said.

In recent years, “woke” radical leftists have set their sights on Columbus, credited for discovering America, blaming him for leading a crew of savage conquistadors who decimated indigenous populations.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has called Columbus “the only immigrant the left doesn’t like.”

What better way to deconstruct America than to replace Thomas Jefferson’s birthday holiday with a holiday about slavery? But do you know what the author of the Declaration of Independence said about slavery in the document itself?

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