STRIKE & MIKE Episode 80: Impossibru Ideology

Welcome to Episode 80 of STRIKE and MIKE! Today Strike and Mike Weeb out and talk about the politics of Japan’s Shinzō Abe prostrating himself before globalists, the famous incident with the samurai sword, climate change, impossible burgers and global soy and where the hell it is they are going with all this.

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  • Shinzō Abe eats from a shoe: prostrating himself to Zionism to get concessions from the US
  • National Justice: Shinzō Abe’s Gambit
  • Death of a Socialist: The stabbing of Inejiro Asanuma by ‎Otoya Yamaguchi
  • Impossible Burgers and the globalist attempt to destroy animal agriculture
  • Corn and soy, make America fat, complacent and low T again!
  • The actual final plan of the global elite
  • Conservatism as a gay op, some recent developments

Theme music: “Witchburner” by Storm King

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