Twilight of Abundance – The Case for Global Cooling

If you look at the mainstream news today, one gets the distinct impression that the planet is headed for a cataclysmic environmental shift driven by the earth’s changing climate. What you will not hear, however, is that this shift may very well come from cooling of the planet by reduced solar activity, and not the warming that most climate alarmists are warning of due to anthropogenic (man-made) emissions of greenhouse gases. In ‘Twilight of Abundance’, scientist David Archibald reviews the evidence over the last several thousand years, and comes to the conclusion that our current age is an interglacial one, which if historical patterns hold true, will revert to a period of glaciation and cooling that will bring catastrophic down-pressure on earth’s carrying capacity for life as the sun goes into a period of lower radiative activity.


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 135 – Twilight of Abundance – The Case for Global Cooling

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