WATCH: These Lesbians Are Also Non-Binary and Desperately Need You to Care

What’s the difference between a lesbian and a non-binary lesbian? If you answered “I’m bored, who cares” congratulations. Me too. Sadly we’re past the point where I can just point and laugh at this nonsense. We’re also past the point where we can offer these people any help. To offer help is a sign of non-acceptance, non-tolerance and thus in the leftist lexicon is “hateful.” So now we must accept these people for exactly who they say they are, no questions asked. Before I can explain why that’s poppycock, let’s roll the tape:

Here’s what I took from this video: dull people with lackluster personalities want you to know they think of themselves as neither male nor female but like scissoring ladies. This makes them special because you probably think of yourself as either a man or a woman and like getting frisky with men or women.

…and that’s it.

The following is completely, totally, one hundred percent my opinion and based on nothing but my experience as a binary straight person who’s observed the last five years of weird with a growing frequency of eye ticks. People who base their identity on such things as “non-binary” or “gender-fluid” have nothing else in their lives on which to base their identity. They are, on the whole, boring people. They are, on the whole, unaccomplished people. Exceptions to the rule? Of course. But on the whole, people who get in front of a camera begging you to understand what makes them special are not actually special. At least they don’t feel special.

We could offer them help, but to offer help or advice is the same as non-acceptance, which is the same as “hate.” At least to them.

Which is quite sad. For a few decades, the “self-esteem first” movement has reigned supreme, with participation trophies handed out to everyone who tried. But people yearn to be more. People want to set themselves apart. They want to stand out. For those with little in the personality department, gender identity is here to save the day. Now, instead of doing something with one’s life, instead of learning a new skill, going on an adventure, being funny, smart, well-read, or in any way interesting, all one must do to be different is declare themselves some new gender thing.

Which is still quite sad, and ultimately will not work. Related: Genderfluid Parents Raise Child as Non-Binary and America First Nonbinary Person Speaks Out: ‘It Was All a Sham’


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff