FLASHBACK: Alabama’s Nick Saban’s Shoots Straight on Second Chances [VIDEO]

ESPN recently posted a clip of this 2014 Nick Saban press conference since the start of college football and real, grown-up football begins next week. Side note, yes, I know you “don’t watch” the NFL anymore because of something with libtards and Kaepernick. But this clip has some good points you won’t want to miss. Saban (#RollTide) talked about the importance of second chances, and the backlash from giving people second chances. He’s talking specifically about a college student, but what he said is poignant. Especially when the many faces of cancel culture pop up at least once a day.

Everybody in the school, every newspaper guy, everybody was killing a guy because he got in trouble and said there’s no way he should be on our team. I didn’t kick him off the team. I suspended him. I made him do stuff. He graduated from Michigan State. He played 15 years in the league, he’s the president of a company now and he has seven children and his oldest daughter goes to Princeton. So, who was right?

Lately, cancel culture gets associated when it happens to celebrities. Especially this week. Thanks, Dave Chappelle (see WATCH: Dave Chappelle Makes a Salient Point About Abortion “Rights” and WATCH: Comedian Donnell Rawlings Defends Chappelle, “Dave Can Not Be Cancelled”). But it happens to anyone who has a social media account. Google #WhenDoesJustineLand as an example.

The case Saban was talking about involved pot and being pulled over, the student also had a concealed weapon in his car. This was the 90s. Today, it’s a kid who made jokes on Twitter while he was in high school that was “uncovered” as the kid is getting ready to graduate. Twitter eggs set about destroying that kids’ career for… retweets.

Do people who go to cancel someone brag about it to their IRL friends? Or is the problem that they don’t have any IRL friends?

Accepting that people make mistakes or say the wrong thing bad. Having a little grace never hurt anyone. More people should listen to what the coach has to say.

With the obvious exception to the other SEC teams looking to #CancelSaban.


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Author: Brodigan