WATCH: Comedian Donnell Rawlings Defends Chappelle, “Dave Can Not Be Cancelled”

Cancel culture is funny, especially when it backfires on cancelers. All they do is give earned media to something they don’t want you to see. If the target of cancellation stands up to them, they don’t know how to react. Take Kevin Hart for example. Now, they’re trying to cancel Dave Chappelle. Again. Because it worked so well the last time with Kevin Hart. Dave’s comedy partner Donnell Rawlings says good luck with that.

The way liberal bloggers and blue checkmark Twitterers think they’re going cancel Dave Chappelle is almost as funny as Chappelle’s comedy special itself. Plus, let’s really be honest. Setting aside race, Chappelle is one of the top comedians, if not the top comedian, of this generation. Period. But we’re playing on SJW turf here. Do people really think Netflix is going to end its relationship with the top African-American comedian, just because a bunch of white liberals have cases of the sadz?

Granted, Chappelle has a huge bed of money to sleep on, so it’s easier for him to stand up to the mob than someone who is just starting out. I get that. But this is also the same guy who walked away from $50 million because he wasn’t willing to compromise. Your hashtag campaigns don’t stand a chance. As hilarious as they are.


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Author: Brodigan