Trump Strikes Back at NBC with Legal Threats Over O’Donnell’s “Russian Oligarch” Allegations

Last night on Lawrence “STOP THE HAMMERING” O’Donnell’s show, he told Rachel “BUTCH CUT” Maddow that Donald Trump’s loan co-signers were Russian Oligarchs. Don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself:

Lawrence made those claims while saying “if true.” He went onto say Trump’s Russian Oligarch ties make total sense considering Trump’s “cozy” relationship with the Rooskies. We’ve always explained Trump is just nice to people who are nice to him, and mean to those who are mean to him. Trump is a much simpler man than media likes to sometimes believe.

But at this time, there’s no proof backing up O’Donnell’s assertions. In fact:

That’s the shot. Here’s the chaser from The Hollywood Reporter:

On Wednesday, [Trump’s] personal attorney Charles Harder threatened NBCUniversal with a defamation suit over what was broadcast the previous night on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. A missive sent to NBCU headquarters, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, also addresses a related tweet.

According to Harder’s demand letter, “The Program and Tweet make the false and defamatory statements that ‘Russian oligarchs’ co-signed loans provided to Mr. Trump by Deutsche Bank, and described these ‘co-signers’ as ‘Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin.’”

I fully believe public figures can be mocked. Many of them should be. Especially the skanky ones like Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton and Ilhan Omar. Whatever Facebook may say about it. If MSNBC wants to post offensive memes mocking Trump, fine. If they want to publish trashy jokes about Trump, fine. But if they’re reporting falsehoods about Trump, that seems to cross a line into defamation. Charles Harder goes onto write:

“The only borrowers under these loans are Trump entities, and Mr. Trump is the only guarantor,” continues the demand letter. “Numerous documents for each of these loans are also recorded, publicly available and searchable online. Thus, actual malice can easily be proven based on your reckless disregard of the truth and unreasonable reliance on an alleged ‘source’ who you will not even identify in your story and likely is seeking to mislead you and the public for political reasons or other ulterior motives.”

Now, since Trump is such a huge public figure, I’m not sure how far this will go. Again, I’m not an attorney, so I have no real idea if Trump can pull this off and what precedent it might set. As far as I know, Harder is asking for a retraction and an apology. Which, if O’Donnell’s assertions are proven false, is likely owed. Maybe O’Donnell will have to hammer his own studio drywall as punishment.

What do you think should happen to Larry O? I vote for making him dye his hair purple.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff