AOC Ups the Global Warming Doom and Gloom with Predictions of Death

Don’t know about you, but I never want to hear the left claim it’s the Republican Party using scare tactics as long as AOC is doing the Instagram Live about how global climate warming change will kill us all unless we take her seriously. Because last night, that’s exactly what Socialist Barbie did. Overcooking her macaroni noodles well past al dente, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took questions about climate change and basically said we’re all going to die, soon, if “we” didn’t do something.

Okay, I don’t want to say everything AOC just proclaimed in her kitchen is 100% wrong, she’s just overblowing it. A lot.

Mother Nature is a beast. This idea that Earth has ever been some cozy, adoring, nurturing place is erroneous. Nature is violent, hostile and does whatever it can to kill you. You can die crossing a stream. You can die from a snake bite. You can die from a spider bite. You can die from any number of diseases. You can die via earthquake, tornado, tsunami, flash flood, hurricane (nuked or not), or choking on a berry. Mushrooms can kill you. Certain beans can kill you. Ants can kill you. Hot can kill you. Cold can kill you. Just about anything produced by Mother Nature can kill you. Some of you/us will die by nature’s hands, even if we totally recycled our cans. There’s sh!t we can do about it.

Kermit the frog panic

So when AOC says bugs and diseases can kill you, duh. Bugs and diseases have always killed people. When we eradicate one disease, here comes another one. And so on and so forth. Tis the way of nature and how nature controls populations. Even the smart ones trying to outwit it.

Once again I find myself asking: since when has the climate ever been constant? Since when has the planet refrained from culling every single species? Since when did humans get so high on themselves, thinking WE could change the climate of the planet, one way or another?

Furthermore, the doom and gloom predictions of every coastal city underwater and we’re not going to have food to feed everyone is just scare tactics. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t even buying support, she’s hoping to terrify people into it. So yes, while it’s true Earth is a dangerous, merciless place, the idea we won’t have enough food to go around probably isn’t. I’m also not sure how eliminating cow boofs, air travel, and whatever else was proposed in the Green New Deal would solve any of what AOC just tried scaring us about. You?

As a reminder, when the climate changes one way, it often changes again. Related: CLIMATE CHANGE FAIL: Melting Glacier is Growing Again.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff

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