WATCH: Dave Chappelle Mocks Perpetually Outraged Whiners with Brutal Impression

To borrow a line from Kevin Hart, the level of Dave Chappelle’s don’t give a f*** should be marveled and studied. While the clickbait industrial complex demands the comedian be more woke and just focus on Trump jokes, he seems to go out of his way to do the opposite. He’s Dave Chappelle. Not Taylor Swift. So it’s not a surprise he has a bit on outrage culture (see WATCH: Crenshaw and Rogan EXPOSE the Left’s Outrage Culture Obsession and WATCH: This Sportscenter Rant Against Outrage Culture is Perfect) and cancel culture in his new Netflix special, Sticks and Stones.

SPOILER: This contains some potty words. And some of you may get triggered by the #1619Project’iness of the first joke. Calm your pits. It’s ok to laugh. Remember, you’re #MugClub, not the comment section of Vox.

The continued use of the word “duh” really sells both the joke as well as the point he’s trying to make.

I’d highly recommend watching the whole special. As much as I hate the way the media will report things comedians say in their act as if they are making a statement, Chappelle seemed to go of his way to joke about everything they’ve been saying he can’t joke about since his last specials. It was impressive, really. If not hysterical.

Which is what comedy is supposed to be.


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Author: Brodigan