MASS HYSTERIA Over Amazon Fire Is A Politically Motivated HOAX!

Mainstream media and many people on the left seem to be in a total frenzy over the current situation in the Amazon rainforest. A few things about that. First of all, the Amazon is not in danger of being destroyed due to wildfires. Jair Bolsonaro, the newly-elected President of Brazil, is not responsible for the fires. Nor is climate change. Twenty percent of the Earth’s oxygen supply does not emanate from the Amazon.

All that is happening right now in that particular region of the world are normal fires that always happen during the dry season of July and August. Farmers are clearing land that has already been deforested for agricultural and livestock raising purposes. Any fires in the actual Amazon itself are natural and normal per NASA data and a statement.

The fires are being politicized due to expediency. G7 is happening right now over in France and climate change is very popular. Bolsonaro is a conservative President over the very important country of Brazil. So politicizing the fire not only bolsters the climate change argument for them, it also helps them to damage the image of a “right-wing” President in Bolsonaro.

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan