Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Former Overstock CEO Says DEEP STATE Recruited Him!

2 min read CEO and founder Patrick Byrne announced his resignation in a shareholder letter that said in part he was too “controversial” to be an effective head of the company.

The news came after a bizarre August 12 statement in which Byrne said he assisted in federal investigations into the 2016 presidential election and was involved with the “Deep State” and had worked with law-enforcement officials, who he called “the Men in Black.”

On the same day his resignation was announced, Byrne claimed in multiple television appearances that the FBI had ordered him to maintain his romantic relationship with Russian spy Maria Butina.


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Fmr. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne: “FBI Got Hijacked From The Top,” The “Men In Black” Pushed Me To Contact Butina CEO resigns: Everything we know so far

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Stuns As Patrick Byrne Expose Plot FBI’s Wanted Him to Sleep with Russian Spy (FULL VIDEO)

Overstock founder Patrick Byrne was seemingly involved in a web of intrigue that involved a Russian spy and the FBI

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan