DEBUNKED: Spike Lee’s Anti-Trump Slavery Lies!

Steven debunks film director Spike Lee’s recent lies about slavery in regards to the New York Times 1619 Project. If you don’t know who Spike Lee is, that’s okay. He’s mostly a crazy person who may (or may not, but I’m going with may) be on drugs. No, not because he’s black. Because he seems dumb and/or high. You be the judge:

Is Spike Lee higher than Mary Poppins sailing away from the Banks’ children, or is that man just dumber than a box of hookahs? He just didn’t seem to be tracking well. Maybe if I put him on 1.5x the play rate, he wouldn’t sound quite as stupid as a special needs patient watching Teletubbies.

Aside from Spike Lee’s challenges with intelligence, the talking point that somehow America is based on slavery, or America’s greatness comes from slavery is all wrong. America went to war over slavery. Americans died for the freedom of slaves. And slavery, as Steven mentions, kept the South DOWN, it wasn’t a boon. Related: Black Man Assaults White Homeless Man, Cites Slavery for Attack and The View Tries Ripping Ben Carson for Slavery Comments. Look Like Idiots Instead.

So maybe let’s let this narrative die? Of course it won’t, but one can always join in and smoke whatever Spike Lee hits at least five times an hour.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff