Transwoman Rugby Player Bends Players Like “Deckchairs”


Stock photo, not the actual rugby team in question

Rugby. It’s already not a stereotypically female sport. Given the level of violence, a female rugby team should be an all-female rugby team to keep the injuries on the level. Girls fighting girls are at a lower risk of life-threatening injuries if they continue fighting girls. Risk goes up, though, as soon as one guy enters the scrum, as has happened in Wales. A bulky man going by “Kelly Morgan” has joined the “all girls” rugby team and is kicking girly ass. From the BBC (where you can also peep photos of this broad):

… she has taken a daily dose of the female hormone estrogen for the past 18 months.

“They don’t half make you cry,” she says. “My body shape, my size… it’s scary the massive difference it makes. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to hormones.”

No, because you’re a dude, dude. You’re not supposed to get used to hormones you’re not supposed to have. Me, I’ve always had the estrogen. I’m used to it because I’ve had these hormones since always. Were I to take testosterone, I wouldn’t get used to it. Though I would grow a fabulous beard and boast of an impressive belch.

At nearly 6ft she stands out among her team-mates, and club captain Jessica Minty-Madley recounts a time she folded an opponent “like a deckchair”.

How nice for the team with the bloke who can fold an opponent like a deckchair. How unfortunate for the team playing by the biology rules getting folded like deckchairs. It almost seems like unfairness. Fortunately, Kelly is both stunning and brave in his/her ability to transform the other team into cheap lawn furniture.

That said, Kelly, 33, accepts transgender women may have an advantage in terms of size and strength.

“I do feel guilty, but what can you do?” she says. “I don’t go out to hurt anybody. I just want to play rugby.”

What can you do? Play with people your own size, gender, and level of folding the opponents like thrift store lawn seating. That’s what you can do and what has been done traditionally up until the left insisted biology was a societal construct to be protested. Related: WATCH: Transgender Track Star Claims He’s ‘Disadvantaged’ Racing Against Girls.

What does the coach have to say? He’s rather pleased with the transwoman, as the transwoman has “loads of ability.” That’s slang for cheating.

Mansell sees Kelly as a great addition to his squad.

“Straight away we just saw there was a load of ability there,” he says.

“Some days are good, some days are bad, but at the end of the day can you really exclude people?

Yes, you really can exclude people. It’s called getting cut from the team. You’d exclude people who are no good, you’d exclude people who don’t fit with the team’s chemistry. You’d exclude dudes from a gal’s league and vice versa. Teams, clubs, clicks and divisions. They all depend on dividing along certain lines. A clear one here is biological sex.

Since when did not being a right fit for something become such a bad thing? We can’t all be everything. We are different by design, and our differences are what makes life interesting. If we are all included in all of the same things, we’re no longer individuals with unique character traits, but automatons following to the beat of the same drum.

Also, men are men, women are women, and men shouldn’t compete in contact sports with women just to make the dude feel like a lady. Feeling like a lady doesn’t include folding an opponent like a deckchair. Read also Dear ‘Transwomen’: No, You DON’T Know What it Feels Like to be a Woman.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff