Hasan Piker Addresses His Douchebag Behavior in Dan Crenshaw Twitch Stream

Guys, The Young Turks are awful. I’m not sure how anyone can watch this network for serious purposes other than mining for joke material. Earlier, Hasan Piker made a Twitch video of Dan Crenshaw’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience. The blowback was likely swift, considering Hasan said: “America deserved 9/11” and insulted Dan Crenshaw, making jokes about a terrorist fornicating in Crenshaw’s eyehole. It was pretty icky. Perhaps in attempts to roll back the hate, Hasan appeared on Uncle Cenk’s program.

It’s bad. It’s… worse maybe.

Listen, okay, when Cenk Uygur is grimacing, your up caca creek sans paddle. When even Cenk says “This is bad,” well, just…

gollum go away

This wasn’t an apology. This was Cenk calling his nephew in for a public spanking to save his network. So we could mock his network at a later time. Thanks!

I actually agree that a person isn’t immune from criticism, especially once they’re in office. My issue with Hasan wasn’t that he mocked Crenshaw with lazy insults and overuse of the f-bomb. It’s that people like Hasan assume they’ve reached some higher plane of tolerance and understanding. While really, they’re nasty human beings completely lacking in basic empathy. As evidenced here. Hasan isn’t sorry. He hasn’t had a change of heart. He’s bummed his uncle swatted Hasan’s double back cheeks with his man hands and that so many people in the audience find him more repulsive than spider the size of a dinner plate.

You already know this is who the left is. Posting this video doesn’t change your opinion of the left, any more than Hasan’s view of America changed with Dan Crenshaw appeared on Rogan. All we’re doing here is showing exactly who and what the left stands for when they’re being honest. It’s not a pretty sight.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff