Young Turks’ Hasan Piker Attacks Dan Crenshaw, Says “America Deserved 9/11”

Hasan Piker, the a-hole in the video below, is Cenk Uygur’s nephew. Yeah, I didn’t know either. I sat down to get some work done this afternoon and found a lot of people very upset by one idiot in a box in the upper right-hand corner of one of America’s most-watched podcasts. So I had to see what all the fuss was about. Proving the apple never rots far from the tree, Hasan took issue with Dan Crenshaw’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. Here’s one of those clips:

I’m mostly offended by how unoriginal the insults are. No, no, we don’t do the OMG OUTRAGE thing here, so if you’re looking for the “I can’t believe a soldier who is now congressman was mocked for being a soldier” commentary, I recommend using the front camera of your iPhone while you sit in your car and scream. But I’m kind of outraged at the overuse of the f-word in lieu of creativity. There are any number of other ways a man may have lost an eye. “F*cked his eye-hole” is just pedestrian. Here, I came up with three just now:

  1. Crenshaw didn’t lose an eye, he simply moved it to the back of the head for tactical purposes, to better prepare for cowards like Piker who’d attack him from behind.
  2. Crenshaw’s right eye was lost after scouring hell for Hasan’s soul.
  3. Dan Crenshaw heard Hasan Piker wasn’t fully equipped down there, so he donated his right eye to be used for Hasan’s missing ballsack.

As a jumping-off point.

Dan Crenshaw is a big boy, he can handle a loser like Hasan Piker mocking his eye patch. But this is the clip that’s got all the feathers rustled.

See, nearly three thousand men and women died on September 11. It was an attack on American soil, sure. But Americans died for no reason. The attacks were not soldiers versus soldiers. Soldiers know what they’re getting into when they enter a war. People who died in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were just working their jobs. Not clear how their deaths were “deserved” just because Hasan doesn’t like America’s foreign policy.

We’re always hearing how it’s Republicans and the greater right who is full of hate, lacking compassion, and supporting the “nazis.” Curious. How is Hasan Piker epitomizing this so-called compassion the left thinks it has in spades?

We rest our case.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff