Trump Drops the Hammer on NBC Reporter: You’re Worse than CNN!

This week’s news has been crappy, I’m calling it. So this is a welcome distraction. Trump was talking to the press when one reporter, Peter Alexander of NBC News, asked Trump a Russia-related question (question below). That’s when Trump mounted his velociraptor with the laser-shooting headgear.

“This guy is the most bias reporter. You are so obviously biased, and that’s why the public has no confidence in the media.”

“I think CNN has more credibility than NBC News. And that’s not saying much.”

Here’s the question Peter Alexander said he asked of Trump:

Love him or hate him, Trump tossing teleprompters, speechwriters, and poise up in the air and yelling “PULL!” is why he got elected. America was so desperate for someone genuine, so in need of real talk that wasn’t run by 27 consultants first, they pulled the lever for a reality show TV star famous for saying “You’re fired.”

Hashtag no regrets.

If the press attacks a president, it’s fine for that president to fire back. No, it’s not okay for a president to demand certain networks be taken off the air. It’s not fair for a president to single out news for unfair legal action. But fair ball when some pushback is warranted.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff