The Economist is Bummed Poor People are Eating Better Because it Harms the “Environment”

Sorry vegans, but human beings perform better and are generally healthier when they eat more meat, not less. Confirming this, but not happy about it, is The Economist. In the video below, The Economist acknowledges poorer people around the world are eating more meat and thus living longer, healthier lives. Which to them is a bummer, because to them, more meat = bad news for Mama Earth. So much compassion:

How dare poor people feed their bodies and minds what they want: dead animals. How dare you poor people who’ve been slumming it on plants, twigs, nuts and seeds graduate to devouring creatures who eat plants, twigs, nuts and seeds. How dare you poor people live longer. How dare you poor people enjoy healthier living. How dare you poor people advance much the same way wealthier nations have advanced: better nutrition through animal proteins. Rich nations need you to stay poor for the planet. Know your freaking place.

Healthier people with healthier minds make better choices, have better ideas, and have a better chance of creating more productive lives. I’m not citing a source because this, to me, seems self-evident. Have you ever heard of the term “hangry”? Of course you have. Have you also noticed how it’s the obviously malnourished people who’re constantly outraged? Kind of related: Newsweek Attempts to Portray Violent Antifa as Harmless and Not Satire: Self-Proclaimed ‘Fat Activist’ Compares Thin People to Rape Culture.

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No modern movement is more elitist than the environmentalist movement. It wants to squash poor, developing nations under the guise of “But the planet.” African and Asian nations have every right to dash into the modern era as rich European countries have. If eating delicious meats is one way of getting there, more power to them.

What would be nice is if environmentalists stopped pretending to care about the planet and just admit they’re a little bit snotty, elitist and possibly racist. The planet is fine. It’s sustained us for as long as we’ve been here and has its own way of culling populations. We don’t need pretentious vegans feeding themselves on rice cakes and pomposity, forcing poor people back down in the slums.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff