Alyssa Milano Reveals She Had 2 Abortions in 1993. Even Though She Was On Birth Control!

Unborn baby by Ed Ultham, Milano via Wikipedia

Okay conservatives and liberals alike, this is a teachable moment. Contrary to far too many arguments made against abortion, “MOAR BIRTH CONTROL” isn’t a solution. Accepting responsibility for your actions, accepting that sex may lead to pregnancy regardless of what you do to prevent it, is a solution. Case in point, pro-abortion witch Alyssa Milano revealed she had two abortions in just one year. Here’s the kicker: Milano was already on the pill.

Milano said she was on the pill because “she knew she was not ready to be a parent” as she pursued her career. Additionally, she was taking the controversial acne-fighting medicine Accutane, which is known to cause birth defects in pregnancies. And while she was using birth control, “I. Still. Got. Pregnant,” she said.

I’m not going to pretend to be Milano, but you can follow her “logic.” She wasn’t ready to be a parent. She thought she was being responsible by taking the pill, in order to prevent pregnancy. According to people who think abortion is terrible, Milano was doing the right thing by practicing “safe sex.” Lo and behold, she made a baby with her partner. So, following her logic, getting an abortion wasn’t wrong.

No, no, no. I’m not excusing Milano. I’m explaining why the “but more birth control” is a STUPID argument against abortion, from both the left and the right.

After the procedure, Milano remained on the pill and resumed her sexual relationship with her partner. However, she said the pill failed — again.

“A few months later I found out I was pregnant again,” she said with a sigh. And “once again I made the right decision to end the pregnancy.”

See. One follows the other for Milano and many pro-abortion women like her: I was on the pill, I had the sexy-sex time, I got pregnant. Ergo, end the pregnancy.

There’s a prevailing opinion that if we want to prevent abortions, we make more birth control more available to more people. That’s not the best approach. The better approach is responsibility. Allow me to employ an analogy.

If you deck yourself out in rain gear from head to toe, and you walk outside in the pouring rain, there’s still a chance you’ll get wet, even though you did whatever you could to prevent it. If a person bitched and complained about getting wet while out in the rain, even if that person did everything they were supposed to to prevent getting wet, what would our reaction be? Would we tell the person “GET MORE GORTEX” or would we say “Duh, you walked out into the rain.”

Why should sex be any different? There is only one way to get pregnant. Setting aside petrie dishes and turkey basters. Even if men and women wear everything they need to wear, or are taking whatever hormone bomb they think they should be, there’s still a chance life will find a way. Babies come from sex. So let’s all accept the science and employ a little more responsibility. We don’t need more birth control. We need more acceptance of reality, and shouldering that reality by being responsible for our choices.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff