WATCH: Respected Psychologist Exposes How Big Tech Can Swing Elections

Considering how hard the leftist media and Big Tech hit the RUSSIAN ELECTION INTERFERENCE angle, it’s likely many a psychiatrist, psychologist, and indeed anyone with a modicum of curiosity raised an eyebrow. It seemed a little like projection. Or as Shakespeare once famously penned: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” According to respected psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, also an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook have incredible power in shifting elections. Despite Hillary’s loss to the Donald, Epstein says Google helped her much more than we know:

Who else is concerned? Because this seems like kind of a problem.

Google isn’t technically interfering with who is getting elected, just motivating certain people to go to the polls. Allegedly. So sure, the obvious answer to this is “Well, Republicans need to turn out more votes!” Great idea!

But if Google controls what people see on the internet, if Google can suspend Tulsi Gabbard’s account and hinder her advertising when she was the most searched Democrat candidate during the debates, then how is the right supposed to compete with the left? If Mark Zuckerberg has over 300 million users on Facebook who only go to Facebook for their news and information, how is the right supposed to compete?

Before some twit says “build another Google and/or Facebook” just go outside and make another human from dirt and spittle. Not as easy as when God did it, is it?

Stop being such a simpleton for just a second and consider how Google and Facebook are acting like publishers and not as platforms, even though they’re legally supposed to be platforms where all information is allowed.

That’s the real solution. Big Tech needs to be held accountable for what they say they are. No more straddling both sides.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff