WATCH: Crenshaw and Rogan EXPOSE the Left’s Outrage Culture Obsession

It’s an excellent Wednesday morning when you wake up to Joe Rogan interviewing Dan Crenshaw. Two LwC favorites (see WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Explains His Red Flag Laws Stance One Last Time and WATCH: Joe Rogan Nails Male-to-Female Transgenders Competing as “Women”). If you have time for an extra cup of coffee and a few JRE Clips videos, I highly recommend. Like this one where they expose the leftist obsession with outrage culture.

It’s [about the left’s] desire to divide everyone into three categories: oppressed, oppressors, and champions of the oppressed. And the “woke culture” is the champions. That is how they label themselves. They label their intersectional coalition as the oppressed. And then they have this whole other intersection coalition of oppressors. And they connect it all with the worst of the worst.

That’s why if you like lower taxes, you hate the poor. Or if you think men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports, you’re a transphobic homophobe. Which is fine, because you also hate women for a list of other reasons. You are “literally” a nazi if you support free speech. Ignoring that actual nazis opposed free speech. The New York Times #1619Project is basically a scheme to tie every policy liberals don’t support to slavery and racism.

This is the game leftists play. None of their alleged allies are safe if they catch you slipping. I disagree with Rogan that it’s “creating Republicans,” because we still have a number of problems of our own. It is, however, creating a new group of politically homeless people, which is a perfect opportunity for coalition-building for conservatives who are smart enough to take advantage of it.


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Author: Brodigan