WATCH: People of Hong Kong Plead for Trump’s Help Against China

The people of Hong Kong are fighting for their freedom against the communist Chinese. Sure, their plight isn’t as dire as Chris Cuomo being called “Fredo” but it’s a damn near close second. To get caught up on what’s happening and why, check out MEANWHILE: Chinese Communists Go Full Authoritarian on Hong Kong. To put it briefly, the Hong Kong people want to stay free and not have the Chinese strangling their very lives. Or their dogs for a Friday night delight. Rebel Media skipped over to Hong Kong to talk to the people, who asked for Trump and America’s support. Watch:

Obviously the best part of this video is “Donald Trump, don’t trust China! China is asshole!” You are not a terrible person for scrubbing the video over and over just to watch that clip. Do not let anyone convince you it’s not funny. It is both funny and endearing, while also speaking to the gravity of Hong Kong’s plight. Which isn’t nearly as important as Trump tweeting burning insults at Rashida Tlaib. But it’s a damn near close second.

Why should America care about what’s happening “over there in Hong Kong”? It’s as one of the protesters told Rebel Media: Americans care about freedom and democracy.

The Chinese government is run by communists who aren’t interested in personal freedoms, and will do whatever it takes to squash personal freedoms. As Steven has discussed at length, socialism is just a stone’s throw away from communism. Socialism is a living trend in America which might picking up steam. Therein lies the rub.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff