Planned Parenthood DEFUNDED By Leaving Title X After New Rule!

Planned Parenthood has left the Title X government program, thus denying them access to $60 million in federal funding. Title X funding goes towards subsidizing “family planning services” which include things like pregnancy tests and condoms – not abortion. Their decision comes as the Trump Administration has adopted the “gag rule” first brought about by President Reagan but rescinded under President Clinton.

Under the rule, it will not be possible for any establishment to receive Title X funding while at the same time referring abortion, which is essentially Planned Parenthood’s whole business model. They get you in the door with the cheap condoms and possibly free pregnancy test and then up-sell you on a pricey abortion. Since Planned Parenthood has left the program, they will be allowed to continue on with their business practice, just without $60 million in federal funding.

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Planned Parenthood Withdraws From Title X Program Over Trump Abortion Rule

Planned Parenthood Defunds Itself by Withdrawing as Title X Recipient

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Author: Anthony Brian Logan