WATCH: Video Montage of Media’s Support of Antifa Illustrates Clear Bias

Antifa mobbed it up real good in Portland, Oregon this weekend. It’s likely you didn’t hear about it, as it’s Antifa in Portland. It’s like butter in croissants. Wet in water. Fat in feminists. Reminds me of a few years ago when we posted many a story about Islamic terrorist things plaguing Germany and France. But not really so much anymore. Draw your own conclusions. Antifa living la vida violence sparked another tweet from The Donald regards branding Antifa as terrorists. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s address the naked transwoman in the room insisting its a woman as its penis dangles: media licking Antifa’s knockoff-military boots.

To be clear, me calling these media twits fascist-supporting weenies isn’t an attack on the First Amendment’s freedom of the press clause. I maintain the press should be free as a bird letting loose on your freshly waxed car. All I ask is for the media to exercise just a dash more honesty. CNN, especially, insists it is not “fake news” as Donald Trump has categorized it repeatedly. Yet how many clips in the above montage were of CNN anchors or guests excusing the actions of a violent, fascist organization consisting of mostly beta male momma’s boys who solve their anger issues with sticks?

It’s four. I counted for you. Since, you know, it’s a Monday. I got your backs.

Now I’m not an FBI profiler or anything, but pretty sure a group that uses violence, intimidation and fear to push a political agenda/narrative is a terrorist group. That Antifa calls itself Antifa (short for “anti-fascist”) means nothing. They could call themselves the Gluten-Free Noodle Men for all I care. Using a swinging billy club in lieu of a cheek kiss is still an act of violence. Media excusing Antifa just because Antifa hates Trump isn’t a good look.

Real mystery why the American people’s trust in media is waning. Read also Dear Media: Your Failure to Condemn Antifa Proves Donald Trump is Right About You…

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff