WATCH: Bill Maher Explains the ‘Bullshit’ of the Anti-Israel BDS Movement

Conventional wisdom for Democrats in 2020 was simple: be not crazy. A goal too lofty. Instead, we laugh as they are forced to defend the BDS movement, thanks to The Squad (see Israel Will Bar Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from Entry and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Punishing Israel by Not Going to Israel). You might ask yourself, “Self, why are more and more Democrats embracing their inner anti-semite?”

Allow Bill Maher to explain.

It’s a bullshit purity test. BDS is a bullshit purity test by people who want to appear woke, but actually slept through history class. It’s predicated on this notion, I think it’s very shallow thinking, that the Jews in Israel are mostly white, and the Palestinians are browner, so they must be innocent and correct, and the Jews must be wrong.

Am I totally crazy or did that just make more sense than anything else to come out of the weekend?

Here’s what I personally enjoy about all of this. For the last three Republican primaries, all you would hear is how candidates had to run to the “far-right.” Which for our extreme right, meant slashing government spending and protecting our borders. Many a hand was wrung in the media about how the party was poisoning itself to the more moderate general election voters.

Well, now you have the Democrat base who has gotten so extreme, Democrats have to defend antisemitism as one of their core beliefs. Just to get five extra leftists voters in Iowa.

Bring me ALL of the popcorn!


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Author: Brodigan