Donald Trump Nails Rep. Rashida Tlaib with the Sickest Burn of His Career

This Donald Trump tweet is so brutal I need to apply lotion just thinking about Rashida Tlaib’s blistering skin. For it to reach its full effect, some brief context if you missed it. If not, you feel free to scroll right on down to the Trump tweet, my friends.

Yesterday, Israel barred Rashida Tlaib because she’s an anti-Semitic, BDS witch. But said she was free to re-apply for entry if she wanted to visit her grandmother. Tlaib did:

Israel accepted her, but… Tlaib still used Israel’s response to bash Israel:

So like a BDS bitch, Rashida leveraged Israel’s response to spin even more propaganda about Israel. That’s when Donald Trump came in like a wrecking ball:

This is, in my opinion, the most severe burn he has ever delivered in his career. If you can find a better one, skip over to Twitter and send it to me. That’s just poetry.

For the people in the back whining about “this isn’t presidential” and “muh hateful rhetoric” I need you to zip it for a second. We’ve long passed, for better or worst, “presidential” behavior when presidents appeared on Late Night. Some of them even slow-jammed the news. Also, Tlaib is a piece of human shit. She’s hateful toward our ally Israel, and to our Jewish friends. Even the ones who sell cancer. Donald Trump insulted Tlaib. Tlaib supports people who want Israel wiped off Planet Earth. Which is the long way of me saying she probably wants the same. You tell me, which is worse?

Just bask in this magnificent insult for exactly what it is, and enjoy your weekend!


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff