Pro-Union AOC Challenges Barstool Sports President on Twitter. He Fires the Anti-PC Cannon…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a silly person multiplied by an unbridled ego. Frankly, I’m a little worn out of her parade of constant stupid which never seems to change or end despite everyone mocking her for her unabashed insanity. That was until she lobbed a threat against Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy. Rumor on the Twitters got started the writers at Ringer might unionize. This led El Presidente Portnoy to remind people of his thoughts about unions. Hint: he hates them. AOC, being anti-individual unless that individual is herself, decided to interject her opinion on the matter. That’s when the sparks flew like someone threw a match on a pile of long-dead Christmas trees.

Let’s start from the top, shall we?

Someone really needs to tell Dave to ease up on the space bar.

After sharing his raw thoughts about unions and how much unions suck the joy out of life, blue checkmark Twitter stuck their noses where they don’t belong. Leading to these exchanges:

That’s when AOC plopped here googly eyes back in her head and pecked out this:

Reminder, all this got started because Portnoy shared his article about the Gawker folks forming a union. Barstool writers unionizing is, as far as I can understand, just a joke. Never one to allow facts to get in her way, AOC still opined.

Which caused Portnoy to do all of this:

Dave, the spacebar. What the actual effing hell? One space between sentences, my man. One space. Trump could land a jet between your sentences. I’m so triggered I can barely function.

Even more blue checkmarks came out against Dave Portnoy, either in seriousness or in jest, it’s hard to tell. Regardless, Dave and his spacebar happy fingers continued to bomb Twitter with anti-union joy:

I saved this and the next tweet for last because they’re gold. But here’s a union member giving Dave kudos on not backing down to mobsters.

We’re generally not fans of unions either, but we are fans of making your own way and becoming successful. Haters can take their hate and shove it up their lazy butts if they can gain access. What with the butts being perpetually stuck in barker loungers.

This is the best one:

AOC is mostly talk. And talk. Annnnnnd talk. When she’s challenged to do more than shoot her mouth wad, she’s nowhere to be seen.

Keep being you, Dave Portnoy. If the left doesn’t have to apologize, why should you?


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff