Democrat Stacey Abrams Claims Republicans Will Scare Voters ‘of Color’

Remember, you need to be responsible for your words. Rhetoric is murder. Trump saying bad things about MS-13 means there’s a war against latinos. Trump saying Baltimore is rat-infested is literally the KKK burning crosses on Al Sharpton’s megaphone. But Democrat Stacey Abrams saying Republicans are going to polling places to scare the bejesus out of colored people, that’s just life.

Before taking Abrams to task, who else remembers the Black Panthers standing outside of a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 election? Here’s a refresher:

Now where’s the evidence scary white Republicans are sneaking up on “voters of color” at their polling places to intimidate them to vote Republican? Is there any evidence at all that “people of color” have been intimidated at the polls? Evidence here doesn’t mean stick figure drawings scratched into bathroom stalls. Sorry, Stacey.

Or is Stacey Abrams getting confused with history here, since it was the Democrats and the KKK who tried scaring newly freed slaves from voting way back when, post the South getting their butts licked in the Civil War?

Dwight its true

The left sure enjoys accusing the right of stirring the pot, while they’re cooking a smorgasbord of real hate in their own kitchens.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff