WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. has a Question for CNN and Fredo Cuomo

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m almost certain that “Cuomo” is actually Sicilian for “sanctimonious assclown.” Because it runs in the family. So it’s not surprising that Chris Cuomo would claim to call an Italian-American “Fredo” is “just like the n-word.” It’s what his family does. Just ask the owner of the Wandering Dago food truck. Since we’re now debating where anti-Italian-American slurs fall on the pound-for-pound most marginalized rankings, Donald Trump Jr. has a question.

So Chris Cuomo just sat there while Ana Navarro called Don Jr. the “n-word?” Side note: I know this came up in Tim Alberta’s book, but why is Ana Navarro even a thing in the first place? No one can name a single campaign she Republican strategized on. But I digress.

The focus here is on what a sanctimonious assclown Cuomo is. Which is a self-own. Because had Cuomo just threatened a guy harassing him while he was out with his family, it’s hard not to defend Chris. We don’t know what could have happened before what was shown in the video. Roll up on me like that while I’m out with my girls, and you’re most likely going to be calling me Sonny instead of Fredo.

But Cuomos just can’t help themselves. Instead of siding with Chris Cuomo for having a mostly understandable response, we’re never not going to call him Fredo. Which, again, wasn’t a slur he minded when it was applied to Don Jr.

Self. Owned.


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Author: Brodigan