Chris Cuomo Unloads the Crazy After Someone Calls him “Fredo”

This is quite a doozy. Let me hit you with some quick facts before you dive into Chris Cuomo losing his absolute crap after someone calls him “Fredo.” If you haven’t seen The Godfather saga, firstly, what the actual hell is wrong with you? Secondly and major spoiler alert, Fredo betrays Michael Corleone to disastrous results. “I know it was you, Fredo” is a classic cinematic line. Second thing, remember as you watch this, multiple things can be true at once. No one is a winner here.

Let’s get to the point that stands out the most: who shoots a camera looking up into the brain via angry nostrils? It’s 2019 people, lean how to camera.

Now, “Fredo” is to the N-word like “Karen” is to “c*nt” as in they’re not even close. Here, supporting commentary:

Fredo, Fredo, Fredo. Say it three times in the middle of any street and nothing will happen to you. Zero. Nothing.

Do the same saying the N-word. I dare you. You won’t because your life will be ruined before it’s even over, and it will be over before you can say the repeat the N-word.

They are not the same, Chris. Not even a little bit the same.

We’re done here, but let me nail this point home.

“Fredo” isn’t an Italian slur. “Fredo” is a movie reference harking back to the dumber brother who f*cked up everything. The question is, is Chris Cuomo “Fredo” or is Andrew “Fredo”? Neither one is Michael Corleone or even Sonny for that matter. Both are dumber than a breadbox. What I want to make sure is that no bloody horse head will wind up in anyone’s bed tonight. No horses should be harmed in what’s turning out to be the silliest Twitter spat totally distracting us from the Epstein conspiracy theories.

loud noises

Third thing: everyone in the above video is an asshole. I didn’t see what happened before the video starts, but it sounds like the guy holding the camera was harassing Chris while Chris was out with his family. Not cool, dude. I don’t like Fredo either. I think Fredo is a bit of a knob. Doesn’t mean I go up to him, especially while he’s out with his family, and call him out for being the dumber brother. Even if your movie reference is apt. But nor do you, as a public figure, act like a total unhinged lunatic and go all rage turrets on a dude with a camera phone.


Don’t hate me, but this Fredo thing is getting more hilarious as it goes on.


Calling someone dumb isn’t racist or ethnic. It’s a good clean insult and it’s a fair ball.

I’m not sure if the “Fredo” slur-flinger is a Trump supporter or just hates CNN. Either way, he was wrong to harass Cuomo. He’s lucky Cuomo is just Fredo, not Sonny as Allahpundit highlighted. Though Sonny would probably be banging the bridesmaid upstairs.

See, I can Godfather reference too. Send me your cultural appropriation tweets so I can sink them with the fishes. Or make me an offer I can’t refuse.

I’m done now.

Can we please get back to Epstein?


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff