WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Explains His Red Flag Laws Stance One Last Time

It used to be, when we’d write about Dan Crenshaw, the bald eagle would sing a song of freedom (see Dan Crenshaw Takes Shots at CNN ‘White Robots are Racist’ Story and Dan Crenshaw Sheds Light on AOC’s ‘Immigrants Drink Toilet Water’ Fib). But ever since he sent out a single tweet that said the words “red flag” laws, you would think he punched your mother. Which is funny, because he was responding to President Trump calling for a conversation on red flag laws. If Trump punched your mother in front of you, a lot of you would say she probably deserved it. But that’s not the issue here.

At issue is Crenshaw trying to clarify his stance one last time.

My favorite part was where he mocked the memes.

To be clear, I don’t support the idea of the government stripping anyone of their rights. We seem quick to throw due process out the window if the media scares us enough. I’d be shocked if there was actual legislation I supported. Key words: ACTUAL LEGISLATION. I’m not going to act like an easily triggered snowflake over two words in a tweet. Especially to the point of calling that person a RINO traitor to We The People who is no different than John McCain. I’m sure a lot of you commenting on Facebook didn’t even read this post. You just read Crenshaw’s name in the headline. Let’s test it. The phrase of the day is: Brussel sprouts.

Crenshaw is right. Conservatives need to stop being afraid of conversations. Otherwise, the left winds up being the only ones talking. Then their bad ideas become the only ideas.

Now, if there’s ever an actual debate in congress over an actual piece of legislation to read and think about and none of the due process protections are in there that Crenshaw said would be there AND he still supports it? By all means, light him up. I’ll be joining you.

But getting upset over a single tweet I’m sure most of the people upset didn’t even read themselves in the first place? Lose me with that noise.


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Author: Brodigan