Joe Biden Says ‘We Choose Truth Over Facts!’ and the Crowd Goes Wild

Joe Biden is low hanging fruit over fish in a barrel being shot by an Abrahms tank. Earlier we commented on Joe’s uncanny ability to shove his footwear in his claptrap by dribbling a racial insult. Now he’s back to make the last Joe Biden gaffe not as silly as the next. At a campaign rally, Creepy Sleep Joe Biden declared “We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts!” to a cheering crowd. Watch first, then let’s discuss.

Joe Biden isn’t a man in decline. As far as I know, he’s always been this much of a goober. But he’s a Democrat, so media and his comrades in power just shrug their shoulders and scoff. “Oh that Joe,” they say as Joe runs toward an underage girl to nuzzle her neck.

Here’s my question: don’t facts form truth? How can one be pro-truth and anti-facts? This has me doing a confuse. “We choose truth over facts” is like saying “We choose cookies over sugar,” or “We choose water over oxygen.” It’s just dumb.

Scarier still, the crowd cheered after Creepy Joe goobered it up. If you’re not scared yet, watch the video again. Democrats, am I right? They choose Joe Biden over 200 other candidates who, as far as I know, aren’t nearly this embarrassing. Even Beto, who eats dirt.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff