WATCH: Another Walmart Tragedy Prevented By Concealed Carry Holder

A tragedy was prevented at a Walmart on Thursday. A “copy cat” entered the store armed and videotaping himself for the likes on social media. Except for this time, thankfully, there was an armed, off-duty firefighter who wasn’t having any of this mass-shooting insanity.

We’ve all heard too many mind-numbingly stupid things about guns this week (see Chris Cuomo Stretches the Limits of Stupidity with Ignorant Second Amendment Tweet and Amnesty International Issues Travel Warning for America due to ‘Gun Violence.’ They Get Wrecked.). Admittedly, there are a few relevant details missing from this story. Like, where the would-be assailant got his guns. If they were obtained illegally. Or if anyone suspected this turdbomber was a mass-shooter in the making. All in good time.

Had it not been for — yes, a good guy with a gun — we’d be having a different conversation right now. This is why when tragedies happen, a lot of Americans’ first instinct IS NOT to make it harder for them to protect themselves. Contrary to what Democrats running for president may think.

More regulations and more chipping away at our God-given rights would be more likely to have prevented the retired firefighter from saving the day. Allowing the punk with his iPhone to ruin it and many more to come.


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Author: Brodigan