This Account of a Vet’s Remains Returning to America is Patriotic Perfection

If you’re also sick of the post-mass-shooting stupidity week, then you’ll enjoy this special moment of patriotic feels. Jackson Proskow is a the Washington Bureau Chief for Canada’s GlobalNews. He shared a Twitter thread about a Vietnam Vet’s remains being flown home to Dallas, Texas. It’s rather a poignant moment which may, or may not, require some tissues.

Take it away, Jackson:

Excuse me for a minute:

dramatic crying reaction

I’m not crying. You’re crying!

Yes, a couple of asswhipes shot up innocent people over the weekend. There’s no denying the world is plagued with true evil. Yes. But take a moment and look at how many people — strangers even — who came together in silence to honor a fallen hero, who they never knew, had no connection with, but respected anyway. Because he was an American soldier who died fighting.

It’s really easy to see only the crappy side of humanity. But you will notice, if your eyes are open to it, how good people swarm, and rise to the occasion to be good. America isn’t all lost. Not all hope is gone. Most of us are kind, decent, honorable people who love and respect our men and women in military.

Rest in peace Roy Knight. From all of us, we salute you.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff