Iowa Rancher Teaches Elizabeth Warren a Lesson on What Actually Helps the Planet

If you need to review, go watch Steven Crowder read Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, which actually calls for the elimination of cow farts. The only way I think one can eliminate cow farts is to eliminate cows. Bear that in mind when you watch this Iowa rancher/farmer schooling Squaw Elizabeth Warren about Mother Earth:

Rancher: “Cows, ruminates are not designed to eat corn. The green new deal says we need to get rid of cows…”

Gender non-conforming Squanto: “Ehh…”

Rancher: “Because well-managed grasslands where these cows graze, you’re actually going to use more CO2 and sequester more carbon because of the regrowth all the time. My point is, we have become so ignorant of the basic principles of biology in food production, that we answer them all through technology rather than lettering Mother Earth, and having respect.”

Let’s sidestep the obvious of Warren pretending to downplay how stupid the Green New Deal is. It’s funny, sure, but I don’t want to lose the larger, more important focus.

I’m neither a biologist or a rancher but did what that guy said about biology and Mother Earth running the climate show, instead of technology, just make a ton more sense than anything that’s come out of Washington DC regards “the planet”?

The environment isn’t a simple equation. The Earth’s ecosystems, climate, and all Earth’s inhabitants form a complex system that human beings still don’t fully comprehend. It’s not as simple as “this happens, ergo this happens next.” Hell, we can’t even accurately predict the weather four days out. In my part of the world, they can’t get the next four hours right. But somehow, despite us knowing little about how Earth works, politicians in DC think they can solve the “climate crisis.” These people can’t even balance a budget, but they’re going to save Earth.

Who would you rather have running the climate show? DC political hacks who sit in air-conditioned buildings all day, or farmers and ranchers who need Earth to be completely operational?


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff