WATCH: Remy Perfectly Mocks ‘Blame Violent Video Games’ Insanity with Rap Video

Remy’s video is actually from a year ago, but it’s just as timely now as it was then. With everyone putting on their stupid hats in efforts to out hot-take the other in the wake of mass shootings, the “blame violent video games” mantra has been resurrected like a bad teen vampire romance. So enjoy Remy shooting up the stupidity with his rapping delights:

There is one thing to blame for a mass shooting: the shooter. I will keep repeating that point until I turn blue and need to be rolled away by Umpa Loompas. Trump isn’t to blame, Obama isn’t to blame, the secret workings of the transgender drag queens are not to blame, the NRA is not to blame. Just the shooter.

Violent games are games. They’re no more to blame for a shooting than a work of fiction. Those people who cannot distinguish fiction from reality are still the problem. Not the work of fiction. Be that fiction in pixel form, written form, or film.

So please, if you’re trying to be smart, be smart. Blame the killer for the killings. Don’t blame something you don’t like in hopes of taking it down because you don’t like it.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff