WATCH: Blaire White Hammers Jessica Yaniv for Being a Perverted Creep

Let’s take a much-needed recess from the predictable, boring and tired circus that is the media and news cycle post-mass shooting. Yesterday, Blaire White hosted alleged “transwoman” but confirmed weirdo Jessica Yaniv for a livestream YouTube debate. After your rebelling eyes adjust to the sight of Yaniv, what you’ll see is a pathological liar afflicted with a sense of entitlement even Bill Clinton would envy. Brace yourselves for one of the most bizarre human beings produced in 2019:

The winning moment is when Yaniv is adamant about being a male who menstruates. Blaire is right, if you have a penis and testicles, you aren’t menstruating. Menstruation requires a uterus. A uterus comes standard for female human. A transwoman is a man who feels like a woman. A transwoman is a male human. Male humans haven’t a uterus. Ergo, male humans cannot menstruate. If a man is bleeding from his nutsack, he has a problem that a tampon cannot fix.

Major kudos to Blaire for not allowing Yaniv to spin his tale of lies. Yaniv refused to accept responsibility for anything, doubling down on his need/right to have his balls waxed by ladies. Especially ladies who don’t want to wax his balls. Which, I’ll remind you, is not an actual right. Wax your own twigs and berries if that’s how you get off. Read Ricky Gervais Defends REAL Women Against Trans Creep Who Wanted His Balls Waxed.

Is there any question this Yaniv character is a creep who desperately wants to see girls naked? Is there any question this Yaniv character is a sex predator in the making? He’s doing everything he can to get away with being a sex pervert, hiding behind the “but I’m totally trans” defense to get away with it. Read Dear Jessica Yaniv: You’re an Evil Sex Predator.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff