Transgender Predator (Alleged) Jessica Yaniv Arrested by Canadian Police

Jessica Yaniv

Jessica Yaniv via Twitter

Remarkably, this isn’t a funny tranny story. As much as it is a funny “only in Canada” story. The landwhale currently known as Jessica Yaniv has been in the news for a few rather shady interests (see Jessica Yaniv Tried Showing Underage Girls Pornography and Jessica Yaniv Testifies Before Human Rights Tribunal to Gripe About Woman Not Waxing his Junk). In Canada, all that is hunky-dory. Just don’t show people your taser on a YouTube video.

An actual taser. This is not a penis joke.

Jessica Yaniv was raided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police last night. The raid follows Yaniv’s explosive live appearance on Blaire White’s YouTube channel, brandishing and demonstrating the functionality of a taser at one point in the debate, and claiming to be fully aware of its illegality. Yaniv also claimed to possess pepper spray.

Remember, this isn’t America where one is granted rights to self-defense. Yaniv is in Canada, in possession of an illegal weapon while ugly.

Yaniv’s discussion of the weapons followed a lengthy racist rant disparaging the East Indian and immigrant communities of British Columbia, asserting “we have f*cked up people who migrate here, who think they can do whatever they want.”

After the Monday afternoon Blaire White livestream in which the prohibited weapon was brandished, Yaniv was arrested and brought to an RCMP holding cell. Yaniv was released Tuesday morning.

Set aside the tranny is an Islamophobe, or an indianophobe. There’s too many woke forces battling each other there for me to comprehend. You really have to laugh at Canada. Accusations of underage pornography? Meh. Demanding ladies service his wang? Yawn. Topless pool parties where parents aren’t invited? What’s that all aboot, eh?

Show an inanimate object used for self-defense? Well now you’re getting more than a knock-knock joke from Dudley Do-Right. S/he didn’t even whip out her taser in private. It was on a YouTube video for all to see and marvel. A taser. Not to be confused with an erect penis while in the presence of underage girls.

Throw in some maple syrup and I think we have a contender for most Canadian story of 2019. Obvious signs of being a sex predator: call us later, we busy. Shows a small device which can be used to zap people: MAN THE HARPOONS!


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Author: Brodigan & Kirchoff