TINFOIL HATS: Analyst on MSNBC Suggest Trump’s Half Mast Schedule is a Nod to Hitler

This is your brain on Trump derangement syndrome. Frank Figliuzzi, former Assistant FBI Director and current analyst on MSNBC, which we’re told is a super serious news organization, suggested Trump lowering the flag to half-mast, in remembrance of the lives lost for the recent mass shootings, then raising that flag on August 8, is actually an homage to Hitler. You gotta see this:

MSNBC ANALYST WHO LOOKS LIKE A FROG: August 8th. That’s “8/8” which is very significant to the white supremacy and neo-nazi movement. Why? Because H is the 8th letter in the alphabet, so 8/8 stands for “heil Hitler.” Not to be confused with “Happy Humpday” or “Hip hip hooray.”

BRIAN WILLIAMS: That’s chilling. I’m so glad you’ve cracked this code because now we have irrefutable proof Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. Anyone who disagrees with us is just a Nazi trying to distract from this rock-solid evidence that even Dan Brown’s editors would say “that’s a bit of a stretch” for DaVinci Code Two: Hitler’s Calendar Girl. But you, sir, have nailed it.

Take a moment to consider this: leftists love to tell us, right-leaning people, we’re crackpot conspiracy theorists for just disagreeing with them. They call us paranoid when we say things like “Hey, maybe men shouldn’t pee alongside little girls” or “The Second Amendment protects us from government tyranny.” Then they go on national television, without irony, to proclaim Trump might be winking, even unknowingly mind you, to the Neo-Nazis with a flag-raising date.

Here’s another theory: no.

As with George Dubya Bush, either Trump is a super-secret criminal mastermind Nazi playing underwater 4D chess to own the libs, in which case he’s outsmarting everyone at every turn, or he’s as Ben Shapiro aptly said, a hammer in search of a nail. Sometimes he hits a nail, sometimes he hits a puppy. But he can’t be both. Liberals cannot declare Trump a moron then turn around and suggest he’s sending codes. Pick a side, dummies.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff