Democrat Joaquin Castro DOXXES Texan Trump Supporters. But Republicans Incite Violence?!

You know how the Democrat left has blamed words for violent acts like mass shootings? Like saying Trump’s “rhetoric” has resulted in mass shootings? Uh huh. Do you also know how the same Democrat left busies itself doxing its opposition and riling up its base to create mobs? No? Here, let me give you one example from just today. Joaquin Castro who’s running for congress (not to be confused with brother Julian Castro of the 217 Democrats hoping to topple the Trump) just tweeted this:

This is doxing. Castro just put targets on all these people’s backs. Many of whom are retired.

Also, pardon my rhetoric, but people who enter a country illegally are also invading that country. Just like if someone breaks and enters my home, they’ve invaded my home. “Home invasion,” I think this is called. It’s home invasion regardless of a person’s country of origin.

But here’s a question I need answered: if words matter so much to the left, then shouldn’t leftists take extra care about the words they use when discussing their political opposition? Like, gee, I dunno, maybe not saying the Trump campaign is fueling racial hatred? That seems kind of irresponsible for someone claiming to care about responsibility.

Besides, Trump is not a racist. We plan on talking about that at length. Coming to an internet device near you.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff