New York Times Changes Its Headline AFTER Democrats Throw Online Tantrums

Click your heels three times and say fake news isn’t real. Fake news isn’t real. Fake news isn’t real. To believe Donald Trump when he says certain news outlets are fake news is either racism, hate, bigotry, or some other kind of ism which makes you just as bad, if not worse, than Hitler. Bear all that in mind when you see this. The New York Times’ initial headline of Trump’s speech yesterday was fairly accurate. But Democrats couldn’t handle a fairly accurate headline to describe the Orange Rage Machine, so they united as one mindless mass for much gnashing of teeth and clenching of butt cheeks. “Forcing” the Times to change their headline for a second print run. Behold, the making of “fake news.”

First headline: Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism, with the subhead A National Outcry over Extremism.

Second headline approved by Democrats who would’ve otherwise canceled Christmas: Assailing Hate but Not Guns, with the subhead Backlash to Extremism Pressures President.

So what sparked the change? A few influencers and a handful of people who want to be your dear leader. Let’s follow the breadcrumbs. First up, political junkie Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.

His tweet was then picked up by some people who still aren’t sure how to use the word “literally” but think they’re totally qualified to run the United States. Yes, I realize that’s a non-sequitur.

Lives “literally depend” on The New York Times writing a headline approved by people like Cory Booker. Who subsists on meals made of soy, tofu, and sadness. Related: Vegan Cory Booker Wants You To Stop Eating Meat. No Wonder He’s Such a Miserable Troll.

But Jazz Hands Spartacus was not alone in his calls for less accurate headlines. He was joined by fellow Democrat no-body still delusional enough to think she matters, Kirsten Gillibrand.

Casual reminder to people who’ve forgotten: the freedom of the press is still protected under the First Amendment. They have that freedom so they can tell people in power, like Booker and Gillibrand, to take their issues with headlines down to the river where they can throw themselves after shoving both feet in bags of cement. The press isn’t responsible to politicians. The press isn’t responsible to anyone. The New York Times can run whatever headline they damn well please.

Silver, Booker, and Gillibrand, along with their cadre of Democrat drones who mobbed up against the Times, just proved that “fake news” is a valid thing. An outrage mob lit some virtual tiki torches and stormed the virtual front of The New York Times, who then caved to virtual pressure and re-wrote a headline for a physical paper most people only read to avoid talking to their spouses at Starbucks.

Now you tell me. When Donald Trump says “Fake news is the enemy of the people” who is right? Him? Or outlets like The New York Times?


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff