WATCH: NYC Trump Supporter Recounts Being Attacked By Anti-Trump Thugs

Sadly, in New York City, it takes a massive set of stones to openly be a Trump supporter. Most NYC liberals are fueled by nothing more than their intolerance and hatred toward anyone who thinks differently than them for any reason. Don’t you dare compare Sarah Jessica Parker to anything other than a diamond. So a Trump supporter like Jahangir Turan, he’s nothing but leftist chum. I hope they get these thugs.

Officials said 42-year-old Jahangir Turan told police he was on Canal Street in SoHo around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday when was struck in the head from behind. He refused medical attention.

Turan said he was leaving the N train wearing a MAGA hat when a group of teenagers yelled “F*** Trump” and attacked him.

He spoke at a press conference Thursday, detailing his recollection of the attack. He said about 15 to 18 people were involved.

I wish I could be surprised by this (see WATCH: London Trump Supporter Violently Harassed, Milkshaked and Video: Leftists Say They’d Date an MS-13 Member Over A Trump Supporter). But it’s New York City. So I’m not. I’d probably be more surprised if he was given free coffee for his beliefs. Coffee not laced with rat poison.

Now Turan isn’t an actor on a show watched by a few million people, okay? Okay. But contrast the media reaction of Turan to that of Smollett then bake a chocolate souffle on your face.

If anything, I’m really just wondering where the outrage is from local officials. A brown-skinned man was allegedly attacked for his political opinion. Yet no press conference in front of city hall about how “this isn’t who NYC is” and “we won’t stand for this intolerance.” Except this is who NYC is. When that darker-skinned person has a different opinion than the typical liberal, brace for impact. Coming at the face.

Maybe we’ll get a full-court presser once DeBlasio comes back from Iowa.


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Author: Brodigan