WATCH: Black Man Illustrates the Insanity of “Everything is Racist!” with Hilarious Video

This man, “Hotep WithIt” is an internet hero. He didn’t dash into a burning building, save a cat from a tree, or come out as a transgender in need of a nutsack wax. Instead, he took the absurdity of “this thing is white, ergo racism” and mocked it using nothing but his phone, all the whiteness in his house, and clever cuts. Behold, the best thing you’ll see on this fine Friday:

If something is white, it is racist by its whiteness. Because I guess only that which is white is susceptible to prejudicial thinking, even if the thing which is white has no capacity to think. But the creators of that white thing who made it white must be racist.

Paper is racist. Coffee mugs are racist. Toilet paper, super racist. The WordPress text editor into which I’m typing these words: UBER RACIST!

Most recently, CNN decided that because most robots are made with white, somehow those robots and the people who support those robots are racist. Here, let me show you:

When really, it’s actually the people who see racism everywhere who are the real racists. For more, read Dear Race-Baiting Leftists: Only Racists See Racism Everywhere.


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Author: Courtney Kirchoff